Male And Female Hair Loss Treaments

Most people tend to disbelieve the claims made by manufacturers in regard to hair loss treatment. They have every reason to be skeptical about hair and scalp products. There is such a wide choice of products available in the market and there is also a huge number of bald people going around. If treating hair loss was so easy there would hardly be any bald people. And if it is a matter of expensive treatments one does see rich baldies as well. Hair loss or alopecia is a common problem and treatments have been around since thousands of years. You will find alopecia treatments making all sorts of claims. Some claim to be ancient treatments while others claim that they contain minoxidil or one of those irritants. There is also no dearth of oral drugs and topical applications for alopecia treatments. Monoxidil, if you did not already know, is used to treat severe hypertension and has hair growth as a side effect. Oral corticosteroids are also used for preventing hair loss but only for as long as you keep taking them. Most people prefer to accept hair loss as inevitable rather than exposing themselves to harmful side effects of medications. Others would rather use weird looking wigs to conceal hair loss.

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Hair loss has a psychological effect on the personality of an individual. However, before choosing hair loss treatments, it is imperative that you realize that not all cases are the same and hair loss may be the result of an underlying disease. Laser hair loss treatment directs low level laser energy for stimulating hair growth and is approved for safety.

Also, there is a difference between female hair loss treatment and treatments for male hair loss. More than 50% of men are affected by male pattern baldness by the time they reach 50. Recent discoveries have led to realization of the role played by DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Targeting this hormone helps in preventing its actions on receptors in the scalp.

Male hair loss treatment has limited success rates. It is easier to prevent to prevent the apparent falling of hair than to re-grow hair in dormant hair follicles. There is also some expectation from stem cell research. Hair multiplication or hair cloning may sometimes be possible in the future if research in this area springs some positive conclusions.

Another treatment for hair loss that is becoming increasingly popular is hair transplant. It is an expensive treatment involving surgical procedures involving picking of healthy hair follicles and transplanting in bald areas. Since the donor hair are genetically resistant to hair loss the transplanted hair will grow for a lifetime without risk of further hair loss.

A lot has been understood about causes of hair loss but as far as treatments are concerned there are still grey areas. Treatment is a matter of choice and depends upon how it affects an individual’s psyche. Many people adapt to the fact of hair loss. Choose a hair loss treatment after due consideration to side effects and effectiveness.

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